Advantages of staying in a service apartment

The advantages of staying in a service apartment during a holiday are that you:
1. Get more space
In a service apartment you get a bedroom or two and a sitting / living room plus balconies. There will be a cupboard where you can keep your clothes or a loft where you can keep your baggage so the place doesn't look messy.

2. Get your own kitchen
This is good if you're a vegetarian or have kids. Even if you're a non vegetarian, by cooking meals yourself, you can save a lot of money as food in restaurants is expensive. Also, in restaurants, the quality of food may be bad or the quantity less.

3. Get privacy
There is no one to disturb you. When you check in, the Property Manager will tell you when the housekeeping person will come for cleaning (if you stay for more than 3 nights on our property) so you won't hear a knock on the door when you are taking a shower or a nap.

4. Get a homely ambiance
In a service apartment you'll feel as if you're at home with all the necessary household items and furniture.

5. Get to stay together with your friends and family
Up to 8 of can stay in a service apartment which brings the cost down by a lot. You can sit in the sitting room and have a time of bonding with family or friends by watching a movie, having drinks or simply chatting.

6. Get to wash and hang your clothes to dry
If the PWD is not doing maintenance work on the days you're here, if you stay in one or both our budget 2BHK apartments, you can hand wash your clothes in the buckets in the bathroom and put them to dry in the balconies. This means that you don't have to carry a mountain of smelly dirty clothes soaked in salty sea water in your suitcase / bag on your way home.